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Christiane Amanpour Defends Moesha; Urges Ghanaians To Reserve Their Judgment After The Whole Episode

-Amanpour defends Moesha on her interview with the CNN

When we started filming the CNN Original Series “Sex & Love Around The World, ” I was both curious and nervous about what we might find.

It turned out that all along my journey, no matter the country, culture or religion, I heard stories about sex and family honor being used as weapons to silence women and keep them under control.

Religion, politics and tradition are often in a conspiracy against love, sexuality and free choice, especially for women.

And yet, I was also encouraged to see signs of change. Everywhere we went, women were having more of a say about sexual satisfaction, consent and connection, and young people were reshaping the idea of modern love.

This series was meant to look at sex and love from the perspective of women who have not always been heard — and frankly, who have not always been asked these types of questions.

I wasn’t sure that anyone would actually agree to speak with me on camera, but I was pleasantly surprised by how vocal women were and how much they were willing to share!

I learned so much talking with dozens of everyday individuals in cities around the world, including a former porn star in Delhi who had just adopted a baby girl, a host in Tokyo who is paid to simply entertain lonely women in sexless marriages, and an actress in Accra who happened to fall in love with a married man.

So it was quite distressing to hear that one of our contributors, Moesha Boduong, has been the target of public shaming by the Ghanaian press and the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection.

Numerous media outlets in Ghana have taken to villainizing this young woman based on an excerpt of the conversation included in a 1 minute, 30 second video of “Sex and Love.”

As the host and the namesake of this series, I feel compelled to speak up on behalf of our contributor.

I want people to recognize Moesha’s right to speak up and the courage she showed by sharing such intimate details about her personal life.

As a woman and a journalist, I’m hurt and angry to see such an innocent woman condemned by the press and by many people on social media in this way.

It’s to the point that Moesha is not sure she can return to Ghana safely.

I am so surprised to see this happening in Accra, a city that has rightly got so much attention recently for being one of the most economically and politically successful capitals in Africa.

Indeed I was heartened while I was in Accra, listening to a speech by the President himself, defending the rights of the free press to report fully, accurately and fairly.

That is what we did, with help from the many wonderful Ghanaians who participated in this beautiful story.

It was a range of women, young and mature, single, married, divorced, widowed, Christian, Muslim, Vodun, a bead seller, an OBGYN, even a market queen: Everyone acknowledged that love in Accra is complex but no one judged the choices another woman makes in the pursuit of love and happiness.

And in this city that calls itself the most religious in the world, we spoke to men, too, including the Archbishop of the Action Chapel megachurch who told us “We don’t put women down in our society.

We don’t do that. I’m surrounded by women. The success of my ministry, many, many ways I can equate it to the women around me.”

I urge my colleagues in the Ghanaian press to reserve judgment for the whole episode, and for the people to understand that all must be seen in context, not judged on one excerpt.

I also respectfully urge the President of Ghana and the minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection to stand up for the rights of one of their own who was simply enjoying a carefree, boisterous and mostly humorous conversation with me.

I want women all over the world to know they can and should be able to talk about matters of sex and love without fear and without shame.

Source: Christiane Amanpour via CNN

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UK Government To Amend Anti-Gay Laws In Ghana, Other Colonies

The United Kingdom has taken the blame for introducing anti-gay laws in former colonies such as Ghana.

The UK government says it is thus ready to help such countries rewrite their laws to accommodate gays.

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, while addressing the Commonwealth heads of government meeting in London on Tuesday said she “deeply regrets” the UK’s role in introducing the anti-gay laws.

She said the UK’s role seems to have resulted in a “legacy of discrimination, violence and even death,” in some of its former colonies.

Most former colonies of Britain frown against homosexuality and have as part of measures to curtail it, introduced criminal laws against it.

In some extreme cases, citizens in those countries lynch persons suspected to be gays or lesbians.

According to Reuters news agency, colonial-era homophobic laws are still used in 37 of the Commonwealth’s 53 member nations.

Theresa May, while addressing the gathering in the UK, said, “I’m all too aware that these laws were often put in place by my own country. They were wrong then, and they are wrong now.”

She praised member countries which had recently decriminalized homosexuality.

She added that “Yet there remains much to do…Nobody should face discrimination and persecution because of who they are or who they love. The UK stands ready to support any Commonwealth nation wanting to reform outdated legislation that makes such discrimination possible,” she said.

President Akufo-Addo, although is in the UK, he was not at the meeting when the Prime Minister delivered the address.

President Akufo-Addo in a recent interview with Aljazeera said Ghana was not keen on legalizing homosexuality but said his government might reconsider its position if there is general pressure and demand for it by the populace.

“This is a social, cultural issue, I don’t believe that in Ghana so far, a sufficiently strong coalition has emerged which is having that impact on public opinion that will say ‘change it, let’s now have a new paradigm in Ghana,” Akufo-Addo said.

At the moment, I don’t feel; I don’t see that in Ghana there is that strong current of opinion that is saying this is something we need to deal with. It is not so far a matter that is on the agenda,” he added.

While citing the UK as an example, Akufo-Addo said, “I grew up in England at the time that homosexuality was banned there. It was illegal, and I lived a period where British politicians thought it was an item not to even think about. But suddenly the activities of individuals and groups, a certain awareness, a certain development grew and grew stronger, and it forced a change in the law. I believe that those are the same processes that will bring about changes in our situation,” he added.

Anti-homosexuality laws in Ghana

Although there are no specific laws against homosexuality in Ghana, the country frowns on all sexual acts it deems ‘unnatural’.

Chapter 6 of the Criminal Code, 1960, as amended by the Criminal Code Act, 2003, cautions against unnatural carnal knowledge.

Section 104 states “whoever has unnatural carnal knowledge of (a) any person of the age of sixteen years or over without his consent shall be guilty of a first-degree felony and shall be liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term of not less than five years and not more than twenty-five years; or

(b) of any person of sixteen years or over with his consent is guilty of a misdemeanour, or (c) of any animal is guilty of a misdemeanor

Homosexuals in Ghana are therefore unable to express their sexuality in public, and their calls to lawmakers to amend the law to make provision for them have been ignored.

Source: Citinewsroom


Patapaa Names Nana Ama Mcbrown As His Crush

-I’m crushing on Nana Ama Mcbrown says Patapaa.

Swedru based hip-life act, Patapaa has disclosed that, screen goddess Nana Ama Mcbrown  is his crush and above all his favourite Kumawood and Ghallywood actress.

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According to the “one corner” hit maker,  Empress Mcbrown as she is affectionately called by her fans is the most talented Kumawood and Ghallywood  actress because she’s able to play every role given to her without flaws.

I'm crushing on Nana Ama Mcbrown says Patapaa
Nana Ama Mcbrown

He also chose Kwaku Manu over Akrobeto and Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Wayne.

Nana Ama Mcbrown who tied the knots in a star-studded event to Maxwell Mensah has won the hearts of many Ghanaians including the Swedru born superstar with her exceptional acting skills, great personality and high fashion sense.

I'm crushing on Nana Ama Mcbrown says Patapaa
Nana Ama Mcbrown




“I Nearly Committed Suicide” – Actor Bernard Nyarko Tells Sad Life Story

Bernard Nyarko,  a popular Kumawood actor has revealed how he nearly committed suicide after his biological mother disowned him.

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The actor said he considered ending his life at the moment his wife took everything including the children away from him.

According to him, his life became miserable when everyone deserted him.

“I’ve once begged for money at Kejetia. It came to a point when a cousin I allowed to stay with me in my mother’s house brought misunderstanding between my mother and I. My mother and I became enemies because she sacked me from the house.

“I always prayed that one day God will turn my pain into praise and that is how far He is has brought me today… I’ve washed utensils and scrubbed washrooms for almost a year in London. At the time when life was unbearable for me and the kids, that was when my wife left me. She eventually went away with my kids and that was the time I decided to take my life.” Bishop Bernard Nyarko told Hiplife radio.

He also stated that his rapid growth in the movie industry came as a surprise as he never thought he would climb higher so fast.



KelvynBoy Of The Bhim Nation Camp Wins VGMA Unsung Artiste Of The Year 2018

– KelvynBoy wins this year’s VGMA unsung artiste of the year.

KelvynBoy, an upcoming artistse and a protégé of Stonebwoy, has been announced the winner of this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards’‘Unsung Artiste of the year.

In an interview with  Hitz FM’s Andy Dosty, Head of Communication at Charter House, George Quaye congratulated KelvynBoy and urged him to utilize the opportunity to showcase his talent to put Ghana on the map.

“We congratulate KelvynBoy. It is an opportunity to unearth their talent. Even if you don’t win, people will know your name. People were on the list and didn’t win. Ebony was there and she didn’t win but did great thereafter. It’s not so much about the winner…” he told Andy Dosty.



The category is an initiative to usher artistes who are doing well in the industry to break through the limelight. This will give KelvynBoy the opportunity to perform to over 4 million audiences across Africa this coming Saturday.

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In this year’s Unsung Category, the BhimNation artiste battled with nominees, Dope Nation, Dhat Gyal, OBK, Real MC and Christian to emerge the winner.

Lynx Entertainment  act Kuami Eugene won last year’s VGMA unsung artiste.


I’m Humbled To Be Sued By Daddy Lumba – ‘Daddy Lumba Jnr.’

-Daddy Lumba Jnr says he feels humbled to be sued by his role model Daddy Lumba.

Embattled look-alike of veteran highlife musician Daddy Lumba, ‘Daddy Lumba Jnr’ has said he is humbled by his role model’s decision to sue him for impersonation.

Lumba born Charles Kwadwo Fosu filed a lawsuit at the Accra High Court alleging that the young musician, born Kwame Anokye, professes to be his son and even impersonates him to get gifts from people.

However, ‘Daddy Lumba Jnr.’, who now prefers the name Anokye Supremo, told Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz that, Daddy Lumba once commended him for his efforts in following his steps.

Daddy Lumba Jnr
Daddy Lumba and his look alike

According to him, his role model said to him “very soon I’ll introduce you to the world.”

The lawsuit for him, therefore, may be his role model’s way of indeed introducing him to the world, which humbles him immensely.

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“Who am I to be taken to court by Daddy Lumba? Who am I? I thank God for it,” he stated.

Anokye Supremo was a contestant in the ‘Just Like You’ reality TV show which gave artistes the platform to mimic their favourite celebrities. Kwame Anokye on that show imitated Daddy Lumba.

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After the show, the musician, who bears some resemblance to Daddy Lumba launched his musical career. He has songs like ‘Krom Aye De’, ‘Efri Nea Efiri’ amongst others.


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Nurse Arrested For Raping Patient On Admission

A nurse at the Damango Government Hospital has been arrested by the Damango police for allegedly raping a 28-year old Italian national.

Ernest Green, 24 is being held for raping a patient who came to the facility to seek malaria treatment on 6th April 2018.

Public Relations Officer of the Northern Regional Police command, ASP Yussif Tanko who confirmed the story to said the incident occurred in a private ward of the hospital at about 4 a.m.

Police say the victim, an Italian national agreed to move into a private ward at the hospital after the suspect approached and introduced to her on the second day of her admission at the facility.

The victim (name withheld), found it difficult to climb back to bed after visiting the washroom.

The suspect came in around that and offered to help her.

According to ASP Tanko, the suspect after helping the victim onto the bed sat by her side; started touching the too weak victim who could not resist.

Green, suddenly took the victim’s breast into his mouth, pulled her panties and had unprotected sex with her.

The victim later lodged a complaint with the Damango police, leading to his arrest.

Mr. Green in his caution statement to the police denied the allegations.

According to ASP Yussif Mohammed Tanko, the Northern Regional headquarters of the police Criminal Investigations Department has taken over investigations.


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Maame Serwaa’s Take On Allegations That She Killed Her Mum To Buy A Car Will Shock You

Young Kumawood actress, Clara Benson popularly known as Maame Serwaa has debunked claims by some Ghanaians that she killed her mother for rituals.

The young actress who made an appearance on the Delay show denied ever using her mother for money rituals in order to purchase an expensive car or live in luxury.

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She told Delay, “it is never true. Kill my mum for what? I was accused of killing my mum a few days after she died.

The accuser did not even wait for us to finish her one-week memorial service. It was alleged that one ‘osofo maame’ came up with the claims.

Another pastor also said I was a member of Illuminati. I don’t even know what an Illuminati is. I don’t even own a car’’.

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The mother of Maame Serwaa died on Thursday, December 7 after a short illness according to reports. One Prophetess Donkor accused the young actress of using her mother’s blood for sacrifice.

According to her, a thorough investigation revealed that the young actress killed her mother for sacrifice in order to buy herself a car and live a comfortable life.

Another Kumasi based ‘pastor’ also claimed that she is a member of a secret society thus she (Maame Serwaa) used her mother for sacrifice to get a new rank in the group.


Did You Know Kuami Eugene Was A Gospel Musician & A Minister Of The Word Of God?

Kuami Eugene who’s now in the race for the new Artiste of the year in this year’s VGMAs started his music career as a Gospel Musician.

Kuami Eugene
Kuami Eugene

Eugene Marfo which was his name then, was soo passionate about the word of God and was even a minister of the word and had his own ministries known as Eugene Marfo Ministries.

He was probably in his teen years back then and was about 17 years when he started his music career as a Gospel musician.

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But somewhere along the line,he abandoned his ministry, switched genres,and changed his name to Kuami Eugene which you and i know is dropping hits after hits.

Kuami Eugene released some Gospel songs back then when he was a gospel musician and we came across one titled ‘Heaven’ and it was a beautiful song and he still had that sweet and silky voice even back then.

Kuami Eugene

As to what accounted for the change in genre, we’re yet to discover.

But with the look of things even from the way he dresses, you can see he hasn’t changed that much and still loves God and serves Him in his heart because that’s what really matters.

When flipping through some of his old pictures on his Facebook account, we spotted these and you could tell, he really loved his work as a minister of the Gospel.

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So now the question is, what happened to him?

No one is saying the path he has chosen is wrong o , or it’s a sin to sing about Angela, Confusion and others.

We’re just wondering! Anyway God knows best and he has the final say, so maybe God changed him to Kuami Eugene.

Kuami Eugene

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16 Year Old Alice Gbeku – The Fastest And Youngest Athlete In Ghana Calls For Support

Alice Gbeku is a 16 year-old JHS 3 pupil of Nkwakubew Presbyterian JHS in the Asuogyaman District of the Eastern region of Ghana.

Alice is the first born of 8 siblings and lives with her mother at Nkwakubew.

The young girl’s passion and zeal for sports, and athletics to be precise, won her 13 prestigious awards within 2 years.

Alice Gbeku

She’s still working hard and looking forward to winning more accolades in the coming years.

Alice who is currently representing Asuogyaman district at the regional level in 100m, 200m, 400m, 4×100m, triple jump and volleyball has participated in all sporting activities for her School, Circuit, District as well as Region.

Alice Gbeku

In an exclusive interview with Alice, she told that, although she’s not good academically she will still thrive for greatness through her God given talents.

When asked about her means of survival, she said,

“Life hasn’t been easy because my mother who’s the sole breadwinner of the family is bedridden due to illness. This makes it difficult for us to feed ourselves”

Alice Gbeku

Alex Kwesi Obiri a teacher who wants to help Alice in an interview with pleaded with the general public to support Alice in anyway they can to help her realize her dream of becoming an internationally recognized athlete.

“Alice is an already made genius who makes 12s in 100m and I believe she’s a national asset and must not go wasted ” he added.

Alice Gbeku

We at are also pleading with the general public to help this young girl put her talents to use.