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Sex For Fish Barter


Barter trade has resurged  in some fishing communities in the Central Region as some teenagers are reported to be trading sex for fish.

Efforts aimed at fighting teenage pregnancy, has not been effective due to the situation.

Statistics reaching indicates that, 497 teenagers got pregnant between January and September this year in the Komenda Edina Eguafo Abrem (KEEA) municipality alone.

Abura Asebu Kwamankese district also recorded 280 teenage pregnancies in the district for the first half of 2017.

A forum on teenage pregnancy was organised in Cape Coast by the Ghana Health service with support from the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) to empower queen mothers to help fight teenage pregnancy in the region.

Contributors at the forum revealed teenagers were exchanging sex for money and fish from fishermen to sell to support family income and make ends meet.

The one-day forum was attended by about 40 queen mothers from the KEEA and Abura Asebu Kwamankese districts to discuss issues affecting young people, particularly issues that can better lives of girls.

Mrs. Juliana Armah, the District Director of Nursing Services for the Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abrem Municipality, said some of the teenagers were dropouts from a poor background or broken homes.

She therefore called on the general public to help end the menace as it is destroying the future of teenage girls.

She then advised parents to be proactive in catering for their wards as their inability to do so is causing the teenage girls to resort to other negative ways , including exchanging sex for fish to make ends meet.

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Jackie Appiah celebrates birthday with the aged in Krobo Odumase

Actress  Jackie Appiah is known for extending support to her fans as part of her birthday celebrations in previous years.

The multiple award winning actress, this year turned her attention to some aged and underprivileged  women in Krobo Odumase in the Eastern region of Ghana.

The “Princess Tyra” star was greeted with a colourful ceremony by the people of Odumase. The ceremony was attended by queen mothers, the MCE for the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality Hon. Simon Kweku Tetteh and the aged women in and around the community.

According to Joy news, the actress donated several items, including physical cash, foods stuffs, mattresses, fabrics and others.

Addressing the people of Odumase, she gave a word of caution to Ghanaians, to embrace the aged rather than stigmatizing them.

” I will also on this note encourage all Ghanaians especially women to continue in this benevolent path I tread and Ghana will be a good place to live when we all get to our aging moment” she said.

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GHOne TV’s Baisiwa Apologises To Viewers Over Tic Tac Walk Out

Co-Host of GHOne TV’s GH Today Baisiwa Hammond has rendered an unqualified apology to their viewers over the interview with Tic Tac which ended abruptly.

Tic Tac who was in the GHOne’s studio on Friday to promote his new song ‘Pray’ walked out after realising that Shatta Wale’s song was being played.

He said he was not there to promote Shatta’s song and didn’t see the need to continue with the interview.

Responding to a question posed to him by Baisiwa, on his recent beef with Shatta, he said his hustle was bigger than that of Shatta.

But in a tweet, Baisiwa said the song was not played with any malice intended.

“With respect to the interview with hiplife artist Tic Tac some few minutes ago, we apologize that the interview did not end as planned. We want to state that the song wasn’t played with any malice intended and we apologize unreservedly to viewers,’ she apologised.


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Angry Tic Tac Walks Out Of GHOne TV Studio Over Shatta Wale Video

Celebrated Ghanaian Hiplife artiste Tic Tac on  8th December, 2017 angrily walked out of GHOne live interview whiles Shatta Wale’s video was being shown.

Tic Tac who has been engaging in a beef with self -acclaimed Dancehall king Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jnr popularly called Shatta Wale got annoyed after he realised that the station was showing Shatta’s video instead of his new video ‘Pray’.

He immediately got up from the sofa, dropped the mic and left. Attempt by Baisiwa Hammond to calm him down proved futile.

Upon realising that Shatta’s video was showing, he queried “Are you showing Shatta Wale’s video? Is it because we are talking about him [Shatta Wale]?…I did not come here to promote Shatta Wale,” he pointed out.

The ‘Philomena’ hitmaker has been fighting with Shatta Wale after the latter accused him of being broke for failing to put into good use his talent during his prime.
Shatta has said Tic Tac cannot release any hit song.

But during the interview, Tic Tac said his hustle was bigger than Shatta’s own and that he is not God to determine what the future holds for him.

‘Oh Shatta is he God?, he is not God, he breathes something, Shatta is breathing air and that air is a gift of life from Jehovah God, so he is also breathing, when God takes it, that is it, so you can’t control your life or mine, so that is what he should learn,… I respect his hustle, I expected him to do same,’ he said.

He stated that he pities Shatta’s comments on issues advising him to leave a good legacy.

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KUMACA Deaths – Unvaccinated Bereaved Families Lurk Dangerously

It appears the efforts to contain the H1N1 Viral Influenza which broke out in the Kumasi Academy Senior High School (KUMACA), has left parents and other relatives who came into contact with the students who contracted and died of the disease, lurking dangerously with a high probability of harbouring the virus.

So far forty seven students of the Kumasi Academy have contracted the virus with four dying over the past week.

The Ghana Health Service set up surveillance and disease prevention units in the school to offer some wide spectrum antibiotics when the disease was earlier mistaken to have been caused by an atypical bacteria.

Ultimate News’ checks with some of the family members of the deceased who had direct contact with the children revealed that no deliberate outreach has reached them yet.

Mr Fodwuor Martin brother of Fodwuor Ferguson Livingstone one of the students who died told Ultimate News’ Ivan Heathcote – Fumador, a friend of his at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital gave him vaccines against meningitis when he took his brother to the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital where he died.

He however indicated that he had spoken to a few doctor friends who had also promised to send him the exact vaccines for the H1N1 Viral Influenza which was the real cause of death per the report of the health professionals.

A father whose child was the first to die Samuel Ofori Attah was however unperturbed as according to him the postmortem report he had received from the medics showed no indication of Influenza.

He told Ultimate News with some bravado, “If it were true I would have died by now because I handled his dead body with my bare fingers when my son’s corpse was being examined by the doctors, I examined his eyes, head legs and all without gloves. I even took in some chilled water afterwards without washing my hands because I wanted to also die with the boy. I will not go for any vaccination because the Influenza is untrue”

The father of the only female student who died of the disease, Clementina Opoku, indicated that his wife was with their daughter all the time till she died but had not received any medication or seen any health attendant.

If the accounts of the various health personnel about the mode of transmission of the disease are anything to go by, the lopsided approach could pose a greater national threat to the country.

But the director of surveillance and disease control with the Ghana Health Service Team in the School, Dr Franklin Asiedu Bekoe told Ultimate News that the health service has alerted all its district officers where any of the students of KUMACA must have visited to be on the lookout for any symptoms that might present as H1N1 influenza.


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Otumfuo and the royal family sends the Golden Stool to Breman tonight

The Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II and the Asantehemaa Nana Ama Konadu will tonight lead members of the Royal Family of the Golden Stool to Daboase via Breman with the Abusuakruwa.

This marks the end of the Royal Funeral Celebration of the late Asantehemaa Nana Afia Kobi Serwaa Ampem II.

It will be done at midnight after the royal family begins the solemn march from Adum through Bantama, Suame, Tarkwa and Maakro to Breman.

Bremanhene and his Elders will welcome Otumfuo and the Asantehemaa at Breman.

The journey to Abusuakruwa then begins with Bremanhene and his Elders leading Nana Hemaa and the royals to the ancient sacred Shrine.


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Betway Donates To Tanoso Health Clinic

Ghana’s largest and most innovative sports betting company, Betway Ghana, has donated items to the Tanoso Health Clinic in the Brong Ahafo region as part of its drive to support communities across Ghana.

Staff of the Tanoso Health Clinic located in the Brong Ahafo Region took receipt of hospital supplies from Betway on December 6, 2017.

The items donated by Betway Ghana to the health facility included wheel chairs, ward screens, mosquito nets amongst others. The items donated to the Tanoso Health Clinic is worth about GHS 10,000.00.

Betway since it’s launch in Ghana has been concerned about the welfare and development of its players across the country thus paying special attention to the communities in which they reside.

Betway Ghana through a special promo dubbed “Betway Wish List” empowers their players to choose from a list what they wish for their community.

“The people of Brong Ahafo asked us to grant their wish by supporting a health facility so we decided to support the Tanoso Health Clinic” Operations Manager of Betway Magnus Rex Danquah told journalist.

The staff of the Tanoso Health Clinic were overjoyed at the donations. The Chief Medical Doctor of the facility expressed the gratitude to Betway.

In his acceptance speech, Dr. Kwadwo Asante Afari, the Chief Medical Doctor at the Clinic stated that the donation from Betway was a timely one.

“We do not get any donations from any source. And this is a timely intervention from Betway, the unit committee of the hospital had just sat to device ways to get these particular items.
I was shocked at the amount of items donated by Betway as this is our first contact with the hospital. We will use the items donated and we are very grateful for it,” he said. “

“On behalf of the staff, we appreciate what you have done for us. I will mention your generosity to the chief and elders of the area, we usually do not get support from anyone apart from the mining companies”, he concluded.

On their part, executives of Betway Ghana assured the staff of the clinic of their continued support noting that the donation was the first in many to come as they embark on a quest to support communities around Ghana.

Betway Ghana Limited is scheduled to carry out a similar operation at the Himan Health Centre in Prestea and will be replicated across the country.



How to know if he’s worth it on the first date…

Want to play a fun (and completely immature) game? Fantastic. Answer the following question.

What’s the most ridiculous reason you’ve ever given for breaking up?

There’s a viral post making the rounds on social media. It includes some priceless answers to that question. Here are some of the ones that made me laugh (or cringe) the most.

*.When he made a mistake, he’d say “my bag” instead of “my bad.”
*.He pronounced the “L” in salmon.
*.He wore jean shorts.
*.He told me I was sitting in his cat’s chair.

Funny, right? But let’s explore the deeper side of this thing. Do you really think any of these people broke up because of the stuff listed above?

Of course not. Each justification is just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

In other words, if your dream guy wore the tackiest pair of jean shorts imaginable, you’d be embarrassed, but you wouldn’t ditch him.

In a sense, dating is a process of elimination. We get to know other people until we decide we’re no longer a good match. And we keep doing that until we meet the one.

But sometimes it’s hard to see it’s time to move on. After all, even short dating relationships represent an investment of time and emotion. It’s not always easy to walk away.

What if there was a way to determine early on if a guy even stands a shot at being a good match? Like, on the first date.

There is.

In fact, there’s ONE THING that determines, more than anything else, if real romance is possible.

If this one thing happens on a first date, there’s potential. If it doesn’t, don’t wait for him to ask you to get out of his cat’s chair. Just move on.

Let’s get right to the one thing that makes all the difference. If you have good conversation on date number one, things look promising.

I know. You’re floored.

But before you sigh and go on a Google search for the rest of the funny reasons people give for breaking up, let me ask you this. What does really good conversation look like?

If you don’t know, how will you spot it?

Here are four qualities that signal romance-ready conversation. If you see these on a first date, he’s worth getting to know better.

1. He’s generous.

Not with his money or time, per se. With his ears.

Does he let you speak? Is there a flow to the conversation? Does he ask follow-up questions to learn more about you?

If he’s genuinely interested in listening to you, that’s a good sign.

2. He says things worth listening to.

Some guys spend way too much time talking about themselves. Don’t be flattered by this obvious attempt to impress you. Recognize it for what it is – self-focused and insecure.

Not stellar boyfriend material.

When it’s his turn to contribute to the conversation, are you interested in what he has to say? And can he talk about things other than himself?

3. There’s very little judgment – from either person.
If he launches into a diatribe about why your worldview is wrong, or if you cringe at his political ideas, that’s a signal your values aren’t aligned.

Even if he objects to what you think in a joking way, it’s tough to have a meaningful romance with someone if values don’t match.

4. The conversation takes on a life of its own.

The best conversations are organic. They wind and twist and you end up talking about all kinds of random things. Sometimes you can’t even remember how you got on THAT topic.

Conversations like that are first date gold. If the two of you can get lost just talking to each other, make plans with him again.

When people break up over stupid, petty things, it’s always a sign of deeper issues. You can eliminate a lot of wasted time (and many of those silly excuses) by being selective on the front end.

Use first date conversation as a litmus test. Look for conversations where you’re both invested in listening, your values line up, and the conversation feels organic.

Those are the necessary ingredients for powerful, passionate romance.



Facts you probably didn’t know about brushing of teeth

It has always been a phenomenon that, the best way to maintain a healthy teeth or improve your dental health is to adopt the habit of brushing twice a day.
Well, brushing your teeth once a day might not be as bad as it sounds so far as you do it properly.
Though many people have adopted the habit of brushing their teeth twice a day, they are still not better brushers if they don’t do it properly.
One can be a better brusher or maintain a healthy teeth, by following these guidelines.
According to specialists in dental care, these are the most effective and efficient ways of brushing teeth.

1. Try as much as possible to get yourself an electric toothbrush.why? Electric toothbrushes are infinitely better at removing the “sticky ” plague from your teeth. Plague cannot be simply revomed with a hand-brush.

2. Look out for “flouride” which is the active ingredient in toothpaste when buy a toothpaste.But be sure to check that your toothpaste includes the recommended adult dosage, which is 1400PPM( parts per million). Also if you are at a higher risk of tooth decay consider a toothpaste with higher dosage. Other ingredients to look out for includes triclosan and calcium phosphate.

3. You should not forget to brush these parts of the mouth: the outside surface of your teeth, the inside surface and the bitting surface of your teeth and most importantly the surfaces between your teeth. The surfaces between your teeth is where the majority of tooth decay takes place and where gum disease starts, so it is very essential to clean the surfaces between your teeth every day.

4.Never rinse after brushing. Surprised? Well, this is the reason, the most active ingredient in toothpaste fluoride, which works by strengthening the outer surface of your teeth and making them more resistant to acids. Why then would you want to rinse that away a few moments after brushing?. It is okay to spit out the excess toothpaste and foam in your mouth after brushing but please DO NOT RINSE.

5. Do not cultivate the habit of using mouthwash. Most mouthwashes contains lower levels of fluoride than most toothpastes. This means that by rinsing with mouthwash immediately after brushing, people are actually increasing the chances that they will suffer from tooth decay.

6. The best and worst times of the day to brush. The most important time to clean your teeth is just before you go to sleep. While you are asleep, you have lower levels of protective saliva in your mouth and if sticky plaque is left on your teeth for extended periods then more of your teeth will suffer the effects of tooth decay.
AND the worst time to brush your teeth is immediately after drinking or eating anything acidic, examples: fruit juices, smoothies, vinigars, fizzy sodas or wine. So instead of brushing immediately after acidic attacks, it’s advisable to take something that will help neutralise the acidity, examples are glass of water, milk, cheese or chewing a sugar- free gum.
Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve learnt something.

source :The Telegraph