The Beef Is Still Alive: Stonebwoy Is My Brother At Zylofon But My Enemy In Town – Shatta Wale

Ever since the rumor of Shatta Wale’s move to Zylofon media made rounds on the Internet, one question been asked is,‘can he leave with his rival Stonebwoy’ since Zylofon media is going to house both artistes.

However Shatta Wale at his unveiling has answered and cleared all doubts concerning the beef between him and his now label mate Stonebwoy.

Shatta Wale’s unveiling

The self-acclaimed ‘’Dancehall King’’ at the unveiling of his new deal stated that Stonebwoy will be his brother when they are on the premises of Zylofon Media but will remain his rival immediately they leave the premises of the label. “Stonebwoy is my brother at Zylofon but my enemy in town”

Shatta Wale whose birth name is Charles Armah Mensah has penned a 3 year deal with East-Legon based record label Zylofon Media.

Shatta Wale and Zylofon Boss

…But the beef between Shatta Movement (SM) and Bhim Nation still exists even though both artistes are going to be housed by one record label.



Shatta Wale Signs 3-Year Management Deal With Zylofon Music

Shatta Wale has inked a 3-year management deal with Zylofon Music, a record label owned by Ghanaian entertainment powerhouse Zylofon Media.

This was made officially known during a signing and unveiling session held on Wednesday at the Zylofon Media headquarters in East Legon, Accra.

According to Zylofon Media‘s Head of Communications, Mr Samuel Atuobi Baah a.k.a Sammy Flex, it is a 360 management deal, where the record label manages all the business activities of the Shatta Wale brand.

Shatta Wale and Zylofon Boss

“From today, the business of Shatta Wale is the business of Zylofon Media. From today, the business of Zylofon Media is also the business of Shatta Wale,” he said.

“We are going to officially work with Shatta Wale for the next 3 years. It’s going to be a 360 [business] relationship where Zylofon Media will be managing Shatta Wale — Zylofon Media will be taking care of his recordings, distribution and marketing as well. Everything that has to do with artiste management and his brand as Shatta Wale, Zylofon Media is taking care of that, from today,” Sammy Flex added.

He also took the opportunity to address rumors about $1.5m worth of contract, Rolls-Royce car, a house and others; stating that the two (2) parties have agreed not to let out the terms under which the contract was signed.

Shatta Wale

“The two parties have agreed that whatever that was signed behind close doors, remains there. And whatever rumors you’ve heard we are saying that it did not come from us,” he stated.

In his acceptance speech, Shatta Wale reiterated his gratitude to Nana Appiah Mensah and Zylofon Media for the epic move and investment in the arts.

Present at the session were A&R Manager of Zylofon Music and the ‘Freedom’ hitmaker’s former manager Bulldog as well as label-mates Becca, Kumi Guitar, and Joyce Blessing. Also at the short event were CEO Nana Appiah Mensah a.k.a NAM 1, MUSIGA president Bice Osei Kuffour a.k.a Obour, Pope Skinny, SM Militants, and many others.

Shatta Wale’s unveiling

Shatta Wale joins Stonebwoy, Obibini, Kumi Guitar, Becca and Joyce Blessing on Zylofon Music.

Owned by Zylofon Media, the company also operate Zylofon TV, Zylofon 102.1 FM. It also has Zylofon Arts Fund, Zylofon Arts Club, My Zylofon Dream (Zylofon Cash) as some of its numerous products.

Source: Atinka online

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Second Kitchen Stool $extape Pops up

Another $extape is being circulated on WhatsApp and other social media platforms involving a couple having s*x on a kitchen stool.

The video, which has already gone viral on social media giant Facebook is fast spreading in various Whatsapp groups.

In the video, the lady is seen bending on the stool while the man gives it to her from the back. The 2-minute video shows the two taking rounds to satisfy each other sexually.

The Kitchen Stool $ex position was generated from the infamous leaked sextape involving a headmaster and a student.



Does it count as cheating if you have $ex with a $ex doll?

By now, you’ve probably heard of $ex robots, the eerily-realistic sexual cyborgs capable of recalling people’s faces, holding conversations, and even orgasm. Maybe you’re even among the 1 in 4 American men who’d be down to have s*x with a robot, according to a recent YouGov survey.

The recent advancements in s*x robot technology, not to mention the growing number of people who would consider having s*x with one, bring up a lot of crucial questions—among them, does sleeping with a s*x robot constitute cheating on your partner? The YouGov survey respondents were divided, with 32% saying it should be considered cheating and 33% saying it shouldn’t.

To help settle the score, we asked three dating and relationship coaches to weigh in.

Samantha Daniels, professional matchmaker and founder of The Dating Lounge dating app, said that sex robots are “creepy, but I do not think it’s cheating to have $ex with one.”

“A robot, no matter how life-like it may seem, is not a real person, it is just a hyped-up version of a $ex toy,” she said, adding that “if a partner is concerned that their significant other is cheating by playing around with a $ex robot, then clearly there are bigger issues in their relationship that need to be addressed.” (Want to pick up some incredible s*x tips? 

The line was blurrier for the two other sources we polled. Relationship writer Andrea Syrtash, author of Cheat On Your Husband (With Your Husband), said it’s largely up to the individual couple to define what cheating means to them.

“Monogamous couples define ‘cheating’ differently,” she said. “For some, getting ‘too close’ emotionally with another person is crossing the line. For others, it’s about physical sexual contact.” 

Dating coach Francesca Hogi felt the same way, saying that what constitutes as cheating is between between you and your partner, and determining whether or not a given act is “outside the bounds of your implicit or explicit understanding… about intimacy and fidelity.”

When it comes to s*x robots, Hogi warned not to overlook the potential for emotional cheating. “If you develop an attachment to a s*x robot, or it supplants your intimacy with your partner and it happens without your partner’s knowledge, then yes, I believe it would be cheating,” she said.

If the YouGov survey made anything clear, it’s that Americans are still grappling with what to make of $ex robots. There’s still plenty of debate, for instance, on whether or not s*x with a robot constitutes, well, s*x.

“14% of US adults would label having s*x with a robot as intercourse, while one in three (33%) would consider it more akin to masturbation,” the YouGov survey said. “And 27% of respondents didn’t feel either category did the act justice.”

So does $ex with a robot count as cheating? Is s*x with a robot actually “s*x”? The jury’s still out—and it’s up to you and your partner to draw the line.



Facebook User Threatens to Expose Zylofon Media Boss

A facebook user by name David Kiss has accused Zylofon boss Nana Appiah Mensah for running a Ponzi Scheme.

Nana Appiah, the Menzgold boss is noted for signing musicians and movie stars to its Zylofon Media.

Ghana’s fastest growing media brand, Zylofon Media on Friday, 26th January 2018 unveiled The “My Zylofon Dream and Zylofon Cash”. After the unveiling, social media users were seen debating on how Zylofon Media was going to fund the project.

Unveiling the “My Zylofon Dream “

However, the comments by the facebook user grabbed the attention of

The young man claims he has evidence of how Zylofon was going to fund the Zylofon Cash and that he will be petitioning the Attorney General, the IGP, as well as World Bank.

According to David Kiss, Nana Appiah is successfully running a Ponzi Scheme with his Menzgold.

Read comments here:

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Breaking News: KSTS student fires gun at police for invading their “wee base”

A student at Kumasi Senior High Technical School has allegedly shot at one police officer yesterday January 29, 2018 after he had reportedly invaded their “wee base” just around the school compound.

Information reaching, indicate that the police officer was among the officers requested by the Assembly member of Patasi electoral area to guard some vantage points perceived to be the spoking joint of the students.

School authorities have recently battled these students as the students have broken the school walls to provide entrance to their comfort zones.

The security personnel yesterday afternoon upon seeing some students heading towards the place, chased them and upon reaching the students, one of them pulled a trigger and shot at one policeman .

The pistol however missed the target.

The student who didn’t like the outcome further pulled a knife and cut the hand of one police officer after which he was rushed to the hospital.

As at now no arrest has been made according to report.


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Pastor’s wife who mistakenly sent n*des to a church group attempts suicide

The wife of the renowned pastor who mistakenly sent her nudes to members of her church using the WhatsApp texting service on mobile phones has reportedly attempted suicide out of embarrassment.

‘Osofo Maame’ who has become a subject of public discussion, especially among members of the husband’s church, was reported to have tried drinking a liquid poisonous substance but for the timely intervention of family relations who have for all this while kept an eye on her after she sent photos and videos of her genitals to them.

According to information gathered by, the woman in her mid-30s who is nursing a 6-month-old baby intended to send the pictures to her husband who was on a trip outside the country only for it to be mistakenly land on the church group

Worse, the news source said the woman sent a message that reads “It’s all yours when you return” along with the photos meant for the pastor of a prominent Church (name withheld)

To her utter dismay, she reportedly realized her mistake right after pressing the send button on her mobile phone.

Members of the church group who received the photos, videos and message were shocked and outraged. They tried to call up the pastor’s wife, who wouldn’t answer. The then started quitting the group one after the other.

In two separate videos, 58 and 31 seconds respectively, she is seen facing the camera, kneeling, wiggling her waist and fondling herself concurrently.

That was after she was earlier captured in a bath showcasing her thighs among others while capturing what she was doing.

Interestingly, a child believed to be hers is heard crying in the background but the lady who appeared to be enjoying herself turned deaf ears to the child.

This comes in the wake of the infamous ‘Kitchen Stool’ leaked tape involving ‘Kitchen Stool’ leaked tape.


Entertainment Movies

Video: My mistress inserted shoe heel into my daughter’s private part – TT

Veteran Ghanaian Actor, Psalm Adjetefio, has opened up about how his mistress maltreated his children when he brought them to stay with him in Cape Coast.

Popularly referred to as “TT” by lovers of TV programme, “Taxi Driver”, Mr. Adjetefio recounted how he left his wife and children to follow his mistress to Cape Coast.

With a tear-streaked face, the actor revealed how the lady maltreated his children, especially his daughter.

According to him, his daughter was sexually abused by the woman who allegedly inserted the heel of her shoe into the girl’s private part.

However, his children never mentioned it to him, he added. 

“It is one big mistake I have made in my life; to forsake my own children. I hope to God they have forgiven me.

“I was very hurt that I forsook my children because I suffered before getting these children.

“Today that I am ill [and] these same children are the ones taking care of me,” Psalm Adjetefio said.

Source: Myjoyonline


Ebony going to Zylofon? Bullet goes crazy

Recently it’s been rumoured that Zylofon media has signed award-winning dancehall artiste Shatta Wale unto their record label, rumours that have been debunked by employees of the media company .

According to a conversation eavesdropped by, Ebony might be heading to Zylofon Media soon.

This comes at the back of recent happenings at the camp of the “Maame hwe” singer.

Ebony was recently singned unto Rufftown Records but surprisingly the singer wasn’t present when Rufftown Records was outdooring new acts.

The comments by Ebony’s manager Bullet has also intensified our suspicion. Bullet has said that he made Ebony and he can as well crush her career if she betrays him.

With respect to all the recent happenings at the camp of Ebony , there is no doubt that there might be a problem or something fishy going on at the camp and that Ebony may be heading to Zylofon as heard.



I can crush Ebony’s career – Bullet

Artiste, Manager, Bullet says he has the “button” to destroy Ebony’s career.

Speaking to JOY NEWS, he claimed it will be suicidal for the the latter to leave his label because he “made her” and can crush her career if need be.

“Ebony can never be ungrateful because I made her. I have the button to press to go up or to come down. If she becomes ungrateful, it is her own matter.” boasted Bullet.

Ebony is usually critized for what many say is her lack of talent, and believe her showing skin on stage and in music videos is to push attention from her untalented self.

In July 2017, her dad was forced to defend her daughter in an interview with Graphic Showbiz.

“I am supportive of anything my daughter does and anything she wears. I am not ashamed as a father, the truth is that, I choose what she wears and I bless her before she goes out to perform. Some Ghanaians are hypocrites and I am sorry but I am not one of them,” explained Mr. Kwarteng.

“I am not bothered at all. The reason is simple, I know my daughter than anyone else. What people see out there is what we want them to see and that is because she is an artiste and needs a brand that will sell. For God’s sake, she is a Dancehall artiste and she wears what will make her feel confident when performing on stage. Something that will depict the genre of music and songs she churns outs.”

He shared his thoughts on the the perception that his daughter is a “bad” girl.

“My daughter is not a bad girl, she is very calm, loving and a respectful person. Whatever she does on stage ends there. She is a different person when she gets home.”

He also spoke about the relationship between himself and his “girl as I usually call her is close to my heart.”

“We are so close that I gave her the go ahead when she told me she wanted to do music. Initially I questioned her decision because, she is a very intelligent girl and was doing extremely well in school and every parent will want his or her child to get to the top of the highest academic ladder. But she insisted music was what she wanted to do. Music is where her heart is and I gave her my blessings. I couldn’t have stopped her because these children are smart.”

Born Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng, her song ‘Kupe’ helped her gain mainstream attention in the Ghanaian music industry.

She scored two nominations at the 2017 Ghana Music Awards: Dancehall Artiste of the Year and Best Reggae/ Dancehall Song of the Year .

Source: Livefmghana