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Health director warns against Christmas sex

The Greater Accra Regional Health Director is worried that too many young women become pregnant during Christmas.

This was after a research established that a lot of young women take seed during the season.

According to Dr Linda Van Otoo, young women should either stay away from sex during the Christmas festivities or use contraceptives.

“Maybe some people have even started their Christmas celebration by this time; count nine months and you will find out that the number of women going to deliver has shot up,” she said.

She explained that a lot of women who think they are happy having fun end up having unprotected sex.

“Around this time, a lot of young people go to parties to have fun and some of them although unmarried will even have sex.

“To a large extent, you can say that these deliveries follow the Christmas celebrations…we have established that trend,” she said.

The research was done for the various districts to help find ways of reducing maternal mortality.

Source: Myjoyonline

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Counsellor Lutterodt, Maurice Ampaw to help people achieve orgasm

Two of Ghana’s most controversial personalities are joining forces to help people achieve orgasm during sex.

Counsellor George Lutterodt and legal practitioner, Maurice Ampaw are part of speakers for the 2017 edition of the Orgasm Conference scheduled for the Trade Fair Centre on December 26.

The conference, which is under the theme: ‘Communication before, during and after sexual intercourse’, will help address many issues preventing men and women from attaining orgasm during sexual intercourse.

“Many men are losing their potency when it comes to good sexual intercourse not to talk of an experience of orgasm for women due to lack of proper communication before during and after sexual intercourse,” Mr Lutterodt told

“On both sides, this has reduced genuine orgasm to a child’s play hence increased in cheating and high stress from women to their men leading to fast and early death in men and some women,” he added.

Getting very technical, the controversial counsellor observed that some men struggle with erection mostly because what the eyes are seeing is not connecting to the brain.

“If this continues gradually he is moving towards mental impotency due to bad circumstances sounding the act and the art,” he said.

Apart from George Lutterodt and Maurice Ampaw, the Orgasm Conference will see several other experienced speakers, including Mrs Gloria Kobi, the First Lady of Glorious Wave International and Dr Adu Boateng, Managing Consultancy of Endpoint Homeopathic Hospital will taking turns to educate participants on how to spice up their marriages and have good sex.

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Woman dies in a “trotro” leaving behind two-year-old daughter

An unidentified woman who boarded a commercial vehicle with her two year-old daughter on Thursday December 21, 2017  died in the vehicle leaving her little child.

Report indicates that, the Nyamoransa police who confirmed the story said the deceased was traveling from Fosu in the Central Region to Takoradi in the Western Region when the unfortunate incident happened.

According to the passengers who were in the vehicle, the deseased left her daughter to use the bathroom, and upon her return called a pure water seller to buy water, but before the seller could get to her, she  fainted and died on the spot.

“The deceased was not carrying any form of identification or a cell phone for the driver or passengers to contact anyone. They, therefore, reported the incident to the police”, Police Inspector Liberty Kobla recounted

The  deceased is reported to be between the ages of 35-40 years, dark in complexion and was carrying plantain in a sack.

The two year-old girl she left behind is with the Nyamoransa police, while efforts are being made to locate the family of the deceased.

The police are therefore calling on the general public to assist in locating the family of the deceased.
The body has since been deposited at the Interbentil Teaching Hospital in Cape Coast.

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Majority MPs defend approval of Special Development Initiative Ministry’s inflated budget

The Majority in Parliament has mounted a strong defence for the approval of a controversial budget for the Special Development Initiative Ministry.

The budget which has been widely criticized by the minority comprises a GHȻ800,000 website development component and a further GHȻ10 million on 20 four-wheel drives for the minister and other officials.

The Ministry has also budgeted to build a six-unit classroom block at the cost of GHȻ770,000 each, while it looks to controversially spend GHȻ6.5 million on furniture and GHȻ15 million on renting an office space in 2018 alone.

The Minority MPs have asked the President to stop the Ministry from spending the amounts.

The inflated budget

However, First Deputy Majority Chief Whip, Matthew Nyindam, says the figures are only projections.

“Today, the resources of this country are in the hands of the Executive, not the Legislature. The Minister says that ‘I project to spend this amount of money on A, B, D,’ but that does not mean that that is all.

“If there are some concerns about this particular expenditure, it is the responsibility of the Executive which I am very sure they are going to [look into],” he said.

Meanwhile, there is a consensus in Parliament that many of the key items in the budget for the Special Development Initiative Ministry may have been inflated.


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PHOTO: Maame Serwaa’s new look after her mum’s passing


Teen actress, Clara Amoateng Benson, popularly known in the movie industry as “Maame Serwaa” has release another captivating picture that proves she’s indeed an epitome of beauty and grace.

The young actress took to her Instagram account and shared a lovely photo of herself looking almost like a bride with her face all-dolled up after her mum’s one week observation.

With intensity in her eyes as shown in the picture, she captioned the post, “One day you’ll just be a memory to some people. Do your best to be a good one”.#RIPTOTHEGONESOULS#MAMA’S HEART”.

In another post made by the actress, she shared a picture of her mother who passed on to glory on December 7 after a short illness and captioned it, “I Would like to express my profound gratitude to everyone who came out to support and console me during my mum’s one week observation over the weekend. Words can’t describe how much your words and efforts mean to me. May God richly bless Y’all!!!”

Maame Serwaa also revealed, that she was still going to push through with her plans to spend time and put smiles on the faces of children come December 30 at the Efua Sutherland Park in Accra, she made this revelation in an interview with

The actress together with her foundation called the Maame Serwaa Foundation had put together a fun day for children during the yuletide and has also made plans to support under-privileged young street girls to acquire some education. The target of the foundation is to see some young ladies through primary school to JSS” the actress added.The foundation would also provide some basic needs of the students as they get admitted into school.

The actress lost her 48 year-old mum, Mrs Rose Amoateng Benson early this month after a short illness. Many people including actors and actresses have expressed their  sympathy for the actress and her bereaved family.


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Thousands sign petition over “killer” mobile money charges

About 5000 agitated mobile money users accross the country have signed a petition to stop the outrageous charges that comes with mobile money transactions.

The petition which started few days has been directed to the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications to address the various challenges faced by users of the mobile money system.

Undoubtedly the introduction of mobile money concept has contributed greatly in the economies of many African countries which Ghana is no exception.

The cashless systems introduced by the various telecoms have made life easier and convinient as users are able to send and receive payments over their mobile phones.

MTN mobile money, Tigo Cash, Airtel Money and Vodafone Cash are currently the Mobile Money services enjoyed in Ghana.

The major concern of petitioners:

Users are charged to transfer money to other users on same network. Recipients are also charged to withdraw received monies. This makes it a double charge on same transacted amount. When same Money keeps circulating on the Network, the whole Money would eventually turn into charges.

What the petitioners seek:

Petitioners wish to draw the attention of the bodies in-charge of regulating the activities of the Mobile Money service providers to the ongoing thievery by the companies.

Their suggestions:

1. Double Charging – sending and withdrawing. If it were from one network to another, it would be fair. But transactions within the same mobile money network must be charged once for sending and receiving.

2. Fraud in the mobile money system must be seriously handled. A strong commitment from network operators must be seen to block the fraud.

3.Transactional charges must be monthly volume based or a new paradigm to match normal banking charges instituted.

A scenario ;

Let’s assume I’m paying an amount of Gh12000 to my landlord. We’re both on the same network like say MTN or Vodafone.
The network charges me Gh1 on every Gh100 transaction, hence I would be paying Gh120 as fee for the transaction to my landlord. When he goes to withdraw, he’s also charged the same (Gh120 on the Gh12000.)

Knowing my Landlord for whom he is (and for fairness sake) I would’ve to bare that Gh120 fee he would be charged when withdrawing the money.
So in reality, I would be paying an extra of Gh240 for that single transaction alone.

If I was paying the same amount via the bank, I wouldn’t be charged a dime if we both are customers of that same bank.

Join the fight by using the hashtag #stopMMcharges


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Ministry budgets Ghc800,000 for website

The Ministry of Special Development Initiative budgeted ¢800,000 for the development of a website, a figure criticised as bloated.

“This is nothing but corruption”, Minority spokesperson on Finance Ato Forson told Joy News.

Parliament approved the expenditure item despite red flags from the Minority National Democratic Congress (NDC).

A further 10 million was approved to purchase 20 4-Wheel Drive vehicles for the Minister and other officials.

“As a Minister, I do not even have an official vehicle,” Mavis Hawa Koomson explained.

According to the budget estimates, it will cost more to build a website than buy one 4-Wheel Drive vehicle.

The Ministry will also controversially spend ¢6.5 million on furniture. The Minister has been justifying the expenditure.

Parliament altogether approved a ¢1.1 billion budget for the Ministry which is expected to champion government’s special projects.

Out of the Ministry’s ¢1.1 billion cedis budget, ¢744 million cedis will be funded with oil money from the annual budgetary funding amount.

The Ministry for Special Development Initiatives is charged with implementing a set of New Patriotic Party (NPP) manifesto promises that was the highlight of the 2016 electioneering campaign.

These include the Infrastructure for Poverty Eradication Program (IPEP), through which all 275 constituencies are to get one million dollars every year.

There is also the popular industrialisation plan christened ‘one district, one factory’ and the government’s irrigation plan, the ‘one village, one dam’.

source: Myjoyonline

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I joined Freemasonry in 1967- former president Kuffour

Former president of the Republic of Ghana John Agyekum kuffour in an interview with Bolay Ray on the star chat  has revealed that he joined Freemason in 1967, and that he was not the first to join Freemasonry in his family.

“Members of my family have been there before me. Some were there even before I was born. I joined the society in 1967” kuffour revealed

He further explained that Freemason nurtures a person morally and that it is not a secret cult as people perceive it. ” It is not a secret cult, it is a good system for character building.. It’s a society that believes in ‘doing unto others as you want it to happen to you”

The United Grand Lodge of England Grand Master, Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent, who is the longest serving Grand Master appointed Former President Kuffour as Senior Grand Warden.

Most Freemasons within UK are govern by the United Grand Lodge of England and other lodges in other Commonwealth countries outside the United Kingdom.

The Lodge of England claims to be the oldest Grand Lodge in the world, by descent from the first Grand Lodge formed in London in 1717.


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Two preachers trade blows over offertory in Kumasi Central Mark


Reports reaching indicates that two self-acclaimed servants in the vineyard have engaged in fisticuffs over offertory in the Kumasi Central Market.

According to eyewitness accounts, the self-acclaimed men of God converted the market into a boxing arena in the afternoon of Wednesday, December 20, 2017, and engaged in blows ripping each other’s clothes in the process.

Reports say the two daily preachers identified as Evangelist Samuel Kwame Boateng and Evangelist Kwame Poku have been engaging in verbal assaults frequently over offertory from passersby but the situation generated into a public fisticuff on Wednesday.

The reports say the fight between the two individuals can be attributed to the fast approaching Christmas since they needed money to celebrate but one was amassing more collection than the other.

Samuel Kwame Boateng, according to the eyewitness, said his colleague preacher has been cursing, insulting, casting insinuations, issuing threats against him every day and even made attempt to attack him physically.

He said he was then advised by one of the women at the market to beat his colleague preacher to call him to order, hence his actions, which rather generated into a fight which onlookers described as shameful.



3 reasons to have s*x with a short lady at least once in your life

Did you know that your partner’s physique has a whole lot to do with how much pleasure you can get during s*x? Sure, it is appealing to get it on with average height or tall women, but have you ever stopped to consider how things might be different with a shorter person?

These are 3 reasons why you should get with that itty bitty lady.


1. Easy to lift:
Standing positions work best with shorter women, especially when you do not have enough upper body strength to lift an average height lady. Most men run from this position because they think they are not strong enough, but how about you go with a smaller person that you can actually lift instead?


2. Easy to maneuver:
Trust us, changing s*x position is a piece of cake if you are in bed with a shorter woman. The idea that she can be moved this way and that without too much effort can make things go extra smooth.


3. Tighter v@gina:
Okay you probably shouldn’t take our word for it, but there is a myth that shorter women have tighter pu$$ies- something about them having a narrower pelvis. It might be true, it might not, but it wouldn’t hurt to try and see for yourself.

source: estahealth