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Ayittey Powers Beats Baba Spirit Mercilessly On Live TV has gotten hold of a video showing how Ayittey Powers assaulted Baba Spirit live on Atv.

Ayittey Powers, born Micheal Ayittey Okine, had gone to the studios as a guest for an interview.

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And Baba Spirit who was also on set as co-guest, was seen exchanging words with Ayittey but all of a sudden Ayittey Powers became angry, got up and started beating him.

He started his fight with a warning speaking in the Akan language: “If I knew you were going to invite this boy here, I wouldn’t have come in the first place.”

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He then launched a fierce attack on Baba Spirit who was still sitting helplessly.

This got the host of the show, Sokoohemaa, very frightened and alarmed that she started screaming for help.

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But the for timely intervention of the camera men and others who heard the cry for help, Baba Spirit would have been in a dangerous health condition by now.

From the way Ayiitey was beating him, it could be sensed that Ayitey had for a long time mean to beat Baba Spirit.

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It is not clear what led to this new fight, but per checks Baba Spirit had slapped Ayittey last year so that was a pay back beating.

It has also been found out that, this wasn’t the first time the two had clash on live Tv.

However, the fans of Baba Spirit have condemned the act of Ayittey Powers and are calling for his arrest.

Watch how Ayittey Powers assaulted Baba Spirit: