“The Patient Was Brought In DEAD” – Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital Falsifies Claim Of Negligence


Korle-Bu Teaching hospital has falsified claims made by a deceased relative in relation to the death of his 27 year old nephew.

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According to the unidentified woman, in the video, the hospital’s heedlessness contributed to the death of his nephew.

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Muhammed Salifu, head of public relations of the hospital, has issued out a disclaimer to the content of the viral video. The statement detailed issues pertaining to the death of the woman’s nephew.

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Major issues listed in the statement was that, the patient was brought in dead and also, the A&E centre was overpopulated at the time the patient was brought in. That notwithstanding, the hospital created a space for the deceased to be examined.



An investigation has been conducted by the Public Relations Unit in relation to a YouTube video circulating on social media. This link ( involves a lady lamenting on the treatment she had that lead in the death of her 27 year old nephew.

The issues raised in the video are as follows:

  1. She stated that there was no ambulance to pick her nephew from the home to the hospital.
  2. She also pointed out the unavailability of hand sanitizers at the Hospital’s Accident and Emergency Centre for her use.
  3. She said there was no bed for the admission of her nephew.
  4. She said the doctor did not follow protocols to declare her nephew’s death.

From the investigations conducted by the PR Unit at the A&E Centre, the following were the responses given to the issues raised by the complainant in the video.


  1. The ambulance issue does not fall within the purview of the hospital and Korle Bu could therefore not be blamed for the unavailability of an ambulance to convey patient to the hospital.
  2. On the issue of unavailability of hand sanitizers, our investigations established that a handwashing stand with soap and tissue paper has been provided for the use of visitors at the Emergency Centre. The hand washing facilities are hygienically superior than the hand sanitizers that the complainant was looking for.
  3. As a Hospital, we try as much as possible not to turn any patient away. However, at the time the said patient was brought to the A&E, the Centre was full beyond its capacity and arrangement was being made to create space for the patient.
  4. The nephew was brought in dead (BID). All patients brought in dead are examined before being declared dead. In this case, the medical officer on duty went into the car to examine patient and found that the pupils were dilated and fixed. From the professional judgement of the staff on duty, this was sufficient indication that the patient had passed after examining the patient.

From our investigations, the issues raised by the complainant border more on the emotional display of the loss of her nephew than the reality of it.

However, staff members must be urged to exercise greater circumspection in dealing with patient relatives who come with emergencies.




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